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Custom Central Highlands Tours-Annam Tour

As a World and Vietnamese American History teacher there were a number of places I wanted to visit in the Central Highlands that were part of one tour or another or just places of specific interest to me that I wished to see. Mr. Vu was able to put together a 3 day 2 night comprehensive tour that visited over a dozen places that I specifically wanted to see. We got to all my places and then some! Mr. Vu went above and beyond in the execution of the tour making sure that I got what I wanted (including just the right picture) even if not necessarily convenient. He is very knowledgeable and offered a non-biased even handed commentary which was refreshing. The SUV we traveled in was very comfortable and the nightly accommodations were good. Food choices along the way allowed for a wide variety appropriate to the region. I have been on a multi-day tour with Mr. Vu before to Hamburger Hill and the DMZ. I have no doubt I will book with him in the future and highly recommend him

Brilliant day tour from Hue to the DMZ

Private DMZ tour from Hue
.I booked Mr Vu for a day tour of the DMZ from Hue. We had a fantastic day - Mr Vu’s car was very comfortable and had surround sound which was great for when we were watching the Vietnam War programs on his iPad. The programs helped to pass the journey (which is long, but didn’t feel it) and set the scene for the places we would visit. The scenery is also beautiful. 
Mr Vu was extremely knowledgable about the war and activities around the DMZ (he acts as driver and guide) and his passion of the subject shone through

Best War History Tour Guide in Vietnam

Mr. Vu is unquestionably the tour authority on Vietnam War history in Vietnam. He's well read, well prepared, and gives fantastic tours showing all sides of the conflict. He's knowledgeable on the American War and French War as well as general Vietnam history. Took a day tour with him to the A Shau and stopped at several former LZs/Firebases along the way. Amazing vistas, and hard to believe how quickly the jungle reclaims its territory. Hiked Hamburger Hill and took our time exploring the area. Be mindful, Mr. Vu will advise you to follow him and aware that while the Vietnamese People's Army (VPA) has done a good job clearing the area of unexploded ordnance (UXO), be mindful of where you step at all times and follow directions. He knows the terrain well and will ensure you're ok. Bring a camera, water, and other gear dependent on where you plan to go. Weather changes quickly in Central Vietnam, especially in the mountains, so come prepared. Outstanding tour, best in Vietnam. Looking forward to the next one.

Marvelous - Mr. Vu is a Vietnam military history aficionado

Private DMZ tour from Hue with Mr. Vu
I had an extraordinary day with Mr. Vu touring the DMZ. What makes the tour fulfilling is Mr. Vu himself. He's filled with so much knowledge about the American war, and he shared so many resources, that it's Mr. Vu's expertise that separates Annam Tours from the other tours. 
Mr. Vu is still a war history enthusiast and it shows. It's in the way he tells the stories behind fire bases like Camp Carroll, and how he shares pictures from surveillance bases like Rockpile. It's in how he retells the history behind the DMZ and the stories of the fishing community in the Vinh Moc Tunnels. 

Excellent tour, great guide

Seeing places like Khe Sanh and the Rockpile which were household names during the war is so significant when visiting Vietnam. We were lucky enough to meet a NVA veteran visiting the national cemetery and he spoke to us for a long time (Mr Vu translating) about his time deployed near Danang and the DMZ doing reconnaissance. Many visitors don’t go to this area (despite it being really quite scenic) which I think is to the detriment of any trip. Visiting these places and considering how overseas intervention shaped and changed this country can really frame the rest of your trip. If you have a spare 24 hrs to stay in Dong Ha and do this tour I would thoroughly recommend it. (As a side note, 24hrs in Dong Ha is plenty for any traveller I think!)
A guide like Mr Vu is essential because finding these areas today would be too hard alone. He was very accommodating and was able to drop us back off at the station at the end of the tour for our journey up to the National Park. Thanks Vu!

Awesome 2 day tour

After doing some research and reading reviews I contacted Vu from Annamtour a few weeks befor our trip. I booked a 2 day tour and can now say it was one of the highlights of our vacation. Vu picked us up at our hotel in Hue and we headed north toward the former DMZ. At the Vinh Moc tunnels we met 3 Veterans (Marines) that Vu had helped the day before to get up to hill 558 near Khe Sanh. They joined our visit of the tunnels which was very interesting! Rest of the day included several stops at former firebases and of course Khe Sanh and Lang Vei. We stayed overnight in Lao Bao. The 2nd day we drove through the beautiful Da Krong valley and into Ashau valley. There we hiked up Dong Ap Bia ( Hamburger Hill )

customized DMZ tour Hue

Khe Sanh tour from Hue
This was a fantastic tour by the hugely knowledgeable and engaging Mr. Vu, and we had a fascinating day - one of the main highlights of our holiday.
In an ideal world we would have done the Hamburger Hill tour, but unfortunately did not have enough time and so we had contacted the responsive Mr. Vu before booking this tour, as we wished to at least have an opportunity to walk a little into the "jungle" areas, to get a little bit of a taste for what the scenery off the road was like. 
True to his word, we stopped off near Ca Lu, and headed up a small path to the site of an ex-marine base. It was only a small hill and was now farmed, but it really gave an impression of the undergrowth/forest in the area

DMZ, Quang Tri and beyond, this is the tour to take DMZ tour

I completed my second year of tours with Annam Tour a few days ago, ending in Hue. Considering the wealth of knowledge Mr. Vu has of his subject, the price is far more than reasonable. I doubt if any veteran of the American War has the overall knowledge Mr. Vu has. He speaks fluent English. Which allows him to converse on subjects beyond the conflict. Annam Tour can also arrange transfers, hotel bookings and tours throughout most of Vietnam. There ability to be flexible and meet any specific needs or requirements one person or group may have, is also a corner stone of service. I intend on using Annam Tour in the coming years. I cannot recommend Mr. Vu highly enough.

Two day Hamburger hill - Khe Sanh

Hamburger hill & Khe Sanh tour from Hue
I booked private two day August 11-12 tour which consisted of Hamburger Hill , Khe Sanh combat base, firebase Birmingham, Lang Vei Special forces camp, the old American Marines look-out Rockpile, Peace bridge over Ben Hai river at the 17th parallel and Vinh Moc tunnel. With a stay overnight at the border town of Lao Bao near Khe Sanh. The price inclusive of 1-2 persons, a private car with driver Toan, guided by Mr. Vu, one night accommodation with dinner at Lao Bao, entrance and permission fees for all sites. 

Excellent, highly recommended

I went for a 2 day tour to Hamburger Hill, Khe Sanh and the DMZ area including the Vinh Moc tunnels, I was interested in learning as much as I could about the war, let me tell you, Mr Vu has an unbelievable amount of knowledge on this area and the Vietnam/American war in general. It was a fascinating tour, and was brought to life even more with accompanying photographs that Mr Vu brought along to show you what the geography looked like during the war. 

Excellent service and a most enjoyable five day tour of Central Vietnam - the best part

Our first time to Vietnam and this area of Central Vietnam. We found this company under tours with good reviews and Mr Vu's company was offering multi-day tours and customised if required. So some back and forth emails and a slight change to one of his 5 day packages we visited Hoi An, Hue, the battlefield areas, DMZ and the one area we wanted included - the caves around Dong Hoi - he fitted into the itinerary They were spectacular and whilst the history of Hoi An and Hue was good to see, we particularly enjoy natural scenery around Dong Hoi.

Excellent tour: Thanks Mr. Vu

We booked a DMZ tour with Mr. Vu in December 2015 for March 2016; we were picked up at our hotel in Hue at the appointed time by his driver Mr Tan in a fairly new 4x4. We were then taken to Mr. Vu home which doubles as his office in Dong Ha from here the tour starts. 
Mr Vu's knowledge of the Vietnam War and politics of the war were exceptional, and his enthusiasm to pass this information on was obvious. 
Whilst we stopped to view the Rockpile he found some old sand bags and part of an old Flak Jacket which had been exposed due to current building works, this made his day!! He is clearly a keen collector of military memorabilia.

Three week trip from Cu Chi to Dong Ha and on to Hanoi, Vietnam

Vietnam battlefield tours
Three week trip from Cu Chi to Dong Ha and on to Hanoi, Vietnam
I am a Vietnam veteran and was a medevac (Dustoff) helicopter pilot in 1971. I wanted to return to visit as many of the places where I flew as possible with my wife and son. My wife found Mr. Vu and Annam tours online and it was the best possible choice ever. Mr. Vu is not just a guide, he is a historian with great depth. We rode in his car from south of Ho Chi Min city to Dong Ha then flying on to Hanoi and meeting up with one of his guides there. Mr. Vu took us on an amazing trip to about 80% of where I served and we were able to meet and interact with amazing local people. We were immersed in Vietnamese culture. The food served where we stopped was fantastic. At each planned stop he explained in detail what happened there and had his iPad to show us what it looked like during the war. I was truly blown away by the lengths he would go to get us to the places we had requested and other spots of great interest. Every place visited was on time but we never felt rushed. This is the highlight of any trip I have ever taken and I would love to go back. When I do I will certainly go when I can get Mr. Vu to work us into his schedule. He is one amazing person.

An Excellent Day Out on the Khe Sanh - DMZ - Vinh Moc Tunnels Tour

Private DMZ & Vinh Moc tunnels tour from Hue
We did the Khe Sanh - DMZ - Vinh Moc Tunnels Tour with Mr Vu in early May 2019.
Booking the tour was easy, we used the excellent website and after a brief email exchange we were good to go.
Mr Vu collected us from our hotel in Hue spot on time and after introductions we set off on the journey to Khe San. We were given Mr Vu's iPad to watch an informative documentary on the battle of Dien Bien Phu to set some background information that was going to be useful going forward.
As the tour progressed Mr Vu's information and insights together with period photos from his iPad were brilliant and bought the subject to life for us. As an aside, as we left the Khe Sanh base and were driving back through the valley, Neil Young's "Old Man" came onto the stereo in the car randomly - quite evocative.
After a street food nice lunch we moved onto the Freedom Bridge and finally the Vinh Moc Tunnels - again, the insight and history were both fascinating and informative allowing a picture of what life must have been like.
One last thing. Any driving in Vietnam can be an experience, varying from entertaining to worrying. Having spent a good few hours in the car with Mr Vu, he is an excellent driver and at no time did we feel the slightest concern. Overall I cannot recommend Mr Vu or Annam Tours highly enough; brilliant itinerary, a great tour leader, excellent knowledge and fantastic value.

Great Battlefield tours of major and minor battlefields along the DMZ from Hue with the Best Tour Company

Great Battlefield tours of major and minor battlefields along the DMZ from Hue with the Best Tour Company

Mr. Vu really knows his history and how to get you to anyplace you may have served or have wanted to see. The travel was comfortable, we were picked up and dropped off at the hotel in Hue (Friendly Hue Hotel aka Than Thien Hotel which was also great). Mr. Vu explained in great detail not only verbally but using pictures from today and historical photos of the same areas taken during the Vietnam war. If you ever wanted to visit Vietnam to visit historical war locations,whereever they are in Vietnam, don't waste your time with less knowledgable tours. Annam Tours is the best. Hopefully you will also make a lifelong friend with Mr.Vu and many people you will see on the tour. He is able to accomodate individuals and groups of various sizes. Annam Tours is the Best investment to really see the battlefields and DMZ.