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The DMZ Vietnam-private DMZ tour Vietnam

Marvelous - Mr. Vu is a Vietnam military history aficionado

I had an extraordinary day with Mr. Vu touring the DMZ. What makes the tour fulfilling is Mr. Vu himself. He's filled with so much knowledge about the American war, and he shared so many resources, that it's Mr. Vu's expertise that separates Annam Tour from the other tours. 
Mr. Vu is still a war history enthusiast and it shows. It's in the way he tells the stories behind fire bases like Camp Carroll, and how he shares pictures from surveillance bases like Rockpile. It's in how he retells the history behind the DMZ and the stories of the fishing community in the Vinh Moc Tunnels. 
In addition to the tour, Mr. Vu is just an all around great guy to hang out with for the day. We enjoyed local lunch and dinner together and kept in contact after the day was over. He even set me up with another war history enthusiast friend of his based in Saigon for an excellent tour of the city's conflict history. 
Furthermore, Mr. Vu's presentation of the history is graceful, tasteful and unbiased. You can expect from him a history of facts and tactics. Any moralizing or philosophizing you seek will be left up to you to do during your own time. 
Why squander your time with scripted, run-of-the-mill DMZ tours? If you've made it all the way to Vietnam and have chosen to learn about it's complicated, resilient history, learn about it from an well-read expert in Mr. Vu.

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