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customized DMZ tour Hue

Customised DMZ tour

Private Khe Sanh & DMZ tour from Hue
This was a fantastic tour by the hugely knowledgeable and engaging Mr. Vu, and we had a fascinating day - one of the main highlights of our holiday.
In an ideal world we would have done the Hamburger Hill tour, but unfortunately did not have enough time and so we had contacted the responsive Mr. Vu before booking this tour, as we wished to at least have an opportunity to walk a little into the "jungle" areas, to get a little bit of a taste for what the scenery off the road was like. 
True to his word, we stopped off near Ca Lu, and headed up a small path to the site of an ex-marine base. It was only a small hill and was now farmed, but it really gave an impression of the undergrowth/forest in the area. A very good little side trip, even though it did mean we missed out on the tunnels (not a problem as we had earlier visited Cu Chi).
The rest of the tour was equally fascinating, and I would highly recommend this tour to anyone with an interest in the American war.
Private Khe Sanh & DMZ tour from Hue