Join us for a journey through the history of Vietnam conflicts.

Excellent tour: Thanks Mr. Vu

Excellent Tour : Thanks to Mr Vu

We booked a DMZ tour with Mr. Vu in December 2015 for March 2016; we were picked up at our hotel in Hue at the appointed time by his driver Mr Tan in a fairly new 4x4. We were then taken to Mr. Vu home which doubles as his office in Dong Ha from here the tour starts. 
Mr Vu's knowledge of the Vietnam War and politics of the war were exceptional, and his enthusiasm to pass this information on was obvious. 
Whilst we stopped to view the Rockpile he found some old sand bags and part of an old Flak Jacket which had been exposed due to current building works, this made his day!! He is clearly a keen collector of military memorabilia.
This tour does contain a lot of driving, as the sites are quite a long way apart, but between sites Mr Vu. has many stills and videos on a tablet to explain in even more detail of what you have just seen or are going to see and he is only too willing to answer any questions. At the sites he escorted us around and explained everything and also gave us some free time. 
Mr. Vu’s English is excellent, the whole day was organised and the tour delivered perfectly.