Join us for a journey through the history of Vietnam conflicts.

Two day Hamburger hill - Khe Sanh

Two day Hamburger Hill & Khe Sanh

Hamburger hill & Khe Sanh tour
Firstly I'd like to offer 3 pieces of advice to anybody looking to undertake a fantastic tour where you are the 1 priority for the entire tour.
1. Book a tour with Mr. Vu
2. Book a tour with Mr. Vu
3. Follow rule no.1 or no.2
Early February 2016 I enquired with Mr. Vu about a two day tour to work in with my 19 day 1st time trip to Vietnam. I was organising. Mr. Vu was quick to respond and suggested a tour. 
I booked private two day August 11-12 tour which consisted of Hamburger Hill , Khe Sanh combat base, firebase Birmingham, Lang Vei Special forces camp, the old American Marines look-out Rockpile, Peace bridge over Ben Hai river at the 17th parallel and Vinh Moc tunnel. With a stay overnight at the border town of Lao Bao near Khe Sanh. The price inclusive of 1-2 persons, a private car with driver Toan, guided by Mr. Vu, one night accommodation with dinner at Lao Bao, entrance and permission fees for all sites. 
The trip speaks for itself , in a build up to visiting the listed sites along the way we stopped to discuss many other sites not listed, which was great to build up the story of each battlefield site and associated fire support bases that you were about to visit. Meal time was amazing, with the opportunity to sample the local foods. Mr. Vu knowledge of the history of the war was unbiased and impeccable to say the least, the pictures from the past and present day he has available on his IPad were great to take you back in time to relive the moments at each site you visit. Mr. Vu was always willing to answer any questions.
The tour was truely amazing. I will be returning to Vietnam hopefully the following year and do another tour with Mr. Vu and Toan. Do yourself a favour and book a tour YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT
For me what topped the trip off was the little things, my plane was delayed 3 times from HCMC to Hue. I organised a airport pick up and drop off as optional extra. I kept in contact with Mr. Vu to inform his driver that I would be arriving late. When I finally arrived some 2.5 hours later than expected Mr. Toan was courteous, friendly and professional even after waiting for me for hours to arrive. Mr. Toan having worked with Mr. Vu for over 10 years now clearly respects and enjoys his job with Mr. Vu. They are both great company to be around and we shared many story's together over a few beers at dinner.
My last note for those who are wanting to climb to the top of Hill 937 - Hamburger hill. I suggest you start training 6months out if you are not used to that sort of physical activity. The reward will be when you reach the top to visit the monument and pay respects to the fallen. The climb nearly broke me. It was 40deg and 84% humidity. But after dreaming of this day for nearly 30 years as a kid I pushed on breaking through personal mental and physical barriers and made it to the top. 
Book the trip and enjoy what Vietnam and Mr. Vu have to offer. 

Hamburger hill & Khe Sanh tour

Submitted By: Jake Thorne