Join us for a journey through the history of Vietnam conflicts.

Best War History Tour Guide in Vietnam

Best War History Tour Guide in Vietnam
Jun 2018 • Business
Mr. Vu is unquestionably the tour authority on Vietnam War history in Vietnam. He's well read, well prepared, and gives fantastic tours showing all sides of the conflict. He's knowledgeable on the American War and French War as well as general Vietnam history. Took a day tour with him to the A Shau and stopped at several former LZs/Firebases along the way. Amazing vistas, and hard to believe how quickly the jungle reclaims its territory. Hiked Hamburger Hill and took our time exploring the area. Be mindful, Mr. Vu will advise you to follow him and aware that while the Vietnamese People's Army (VPA) has done a good job clearing the area of unexploded ordnance (UXO), be mindful of where you step at all times and follow directions. He knows the terrain well and will ensure you're ok. Bring a camera, water, and other gear dependent on where you plan to go. Weather changes quickly in Central Vietnam, especially in the mountains, so come prepared. Outstanding tour, best in Vietnam. Looking forward to the next one.
Written May 20, 2019