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A Shau valley

Ashau valley
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No battle ground in Vietnam defined "war of attrition" better than A Shau valley in the the northwesternmostpart of former South Vietnam. The 35 m long valley running north - south along the Laotian border was a conduit for the Ho Chi Minh Trail as it bypassed the Demilitarized Zone ( the DMZ ). 
Containing an estimated 20,000 North Vietnamese Army troops by 1967 and a massive store of war supplies, A Shau valley was a paintful thorn in the side of South Vietnam. The NVA used the steep mountainous terrain surrounding the valley to launch battles against every major American and South Vietnamese Army position in the south during Tet Offensive in 1968.
In march 1966 the NVA had seiged the Ashau valley and overrun the isolated Ashau Special Forces camp there. The sparsely populated valley, bisected lengthwise by Route 548, had been fortified by the NVA with underground bunkers and tunnels and defended by heavy 37mm anti-aircraft artilleries, 23mm guns, 12,7mm heavy machine guns and even tanks. Because of their strength on the high ground, the NVA was essentially left alone excerpt for air attacks, but given the mountainous terrain - often cloaked by cloud and prone to sudden, violent changes in weather - air strikes were few.

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