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Mr. Vu - your guide for the DMZ tour without a doubt!

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Sep 2011 • Couples
The DMZ is a difficult area to visit, as the sites are widely spread and there is not much in the way of physical evidence left - use of imagination is essential. With this in mind we wanted a flexible and knowledgeable guide and Mr. Vu was simply marvellous.
Mr. Vu's knowledge of the Vietnam War is extensive and inexhaustable - what he doesn't know isn't worth asking. We visited all of the sites along Highway 1 and Highway 9 and were also able to visit others such as Truong Son National Cemetery, Con Thien firebase and Camp Carroll. Mr. Vu's description of the events at Khe Sanh Combat Base was one of the most detailed, enlightening and unbiased descriptions I think I've ever heard.
The best thing about a tour in the DMZ with Mr. Vu is his incredible passion for history, which makes him an ideal guide for enthusiasts and those who wish to develop their knowledge alike. He was above and beyond the call of duty with us - We did a full 14 hour day and came away with a great understanding of the events in the DMZ. He used some detailed maps and photos to help illustrate specific events better and is more than capable of putting everything into context to enable greater understanding.
Mr. Vu is your man for the DMZ without a doubt!

Written October 7, 2011

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