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DMZ Tour

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DMZ tour from Hue

DMZ tour
Earlier this year (April 2010) having arrived at Hue, I met up with Mr Vu from annamtours, with whom I had booked a 2 day private tour of the DMZ over the Net. The Highlight of the tour being a visit to "Hamburger" hill, I had found out previuosly that a "permit" was required for the Hamburger hill area and that to the best of my knowledge all the tour operators in Hue whilst offering DMZ tours none of them had a option to visit Hamburger hill. Thankfully for me, Mr Vu was very helpful with my request and arranged all the paperwork enabling me to visit Hamburger hill. The tour itself went like clockwork and he filled in a lot of gaps in my knowledge of the conflict in Vietnam all those years ago. His knowledge was indeed very broad and I was a much better informed person by the end of the tour. The trip was taken at a steady pace (no rushing about) and Mr Vu was happy to answer all my questions and to take the time to allow me to explore further on several locations as I am the type of person who likes to roam about. Mr Vu's English is excellent and I highly recommend him, for anyone wishing to arrange and book a tour of the DMZ. Mr Vu can be contacted at any of the following: or email:
Written May 29, 2010

DMZ tour from Hue