Join us for a journey through the history of Vietnam conflicts.

DMZ tour Vietnam, Vietnam battlefied tours guided by Mr. Vu-the owner of Annam Tour

Follow the footsteps of the Air Cavalry though the Ia Drang valley, the Marines holding out in Khe Sanh or the Screaming Eagles charging up Hamburger Hill with Annam Tour, a privately-owned travel company offering tailor-made tours of the battlefields and historical sites of central and southern Vietnam. We specialize in putting together customized trips for individuals and small groups and are flexible to any kind of itineraries. Mr. Vu, the owner, is a noted historian with expert knowledge of Vietnam’s military history and has over 20 years’ experience in giving tours around the country, from the DMZ to the Cambodian border to the frontiers of Laos. Join our well trained staff in exploring the country and rediscovering its history.