Join us for a journey through the history of Vietnam conflicts.


mr vu
Mr. Vu is giving a briefing for a Hamburger Hill veterans in A Shau valley

Annam Tour is a privately managed travel company that specializes in providing tailor-made tours of battlefields and other historical sites in central and southern Vietnam. We customize tours for individuals and small groups. Our tours are fully flexible and can be designed to suit your itinerary and any specific sites you wish to visit. 
Annam Tour’s owner, Mr. Vu, is a vivid historian with particular expertise in Vietnam’s military history. He has deep knowledge of the French and American wars in Vietnam, and over 20 years’ experience in guiding tours of battle grounds, from the remote Ia Drang valley near Vietnam’s border with Cambodia to the rugged Ashau valley and Khe Sanh near the Laotian border.
Explore the battlefields of Vietnam with him and his well-trained staff, who provide historical context with archive photos, videos, maps and chronologies. Visualize the actions of the Air Cavalry in the Ia Drang Valley. Follow the footsteps of US Marines on the hills below the DMZ and Khe Sanh. Trace the story of the Screaming Eagles on Hamburger Hill.