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A NVA tank crashed the main gate of Sai Gon Presidential Palace  on 30 April 1975

Vietnam war tours - From Saigon to the DMZ

The tour starts from Saigon, the former capital of South Vietnam ( 1955 - 1975 ) and ends up in the former DMZ, the former military demarcation line between North and South Vietnam. This tour is designed for those who are interested in the history of Vietnam War as it covers the significant spots to the conflict such as Reunification Palace, Cu Chi tunnels, Hue Imperial Citadel, Khe Sanh and the DMZ. Beside these, you can also have a little taste of culture of Vietnam with visits to the brown water Mekong delta, Unesco Hoian ancient town and former ancient capital of Hue.

Vietnam war tours - From Saigon to the DMZ
Vietnam War tours - Saigon to the DMZ

Day 1: Saigon sightseeing/ The Fall of Saigon
Discover the history of the Reunification Palaceformer Saigon Presidential
cia buiding
The CIA buiding on the last day of the fall of Saigon
Palace where, in 1975, a North Vietnamese Army tank crashed through the main gates, literally reaching the terminus of the Ho Chi Minh Trail. We make a stop at the site of the US Embassy and visit the War Remnants Museum, containing exhibits from the French Indo-China War and the Vietnam war. The day ends up with a visit to a VC secret weapon cellar used in Tet ffensive.
Overnight in Sai Gon. 
Day 2: Saigon - My Tho ( Mekong delta ) - Cu Chi tunnels 

cu chi tunnels
A well-hidden entrance of Cu Chi tunnels
This morning we drive to the battle site of Ap Bac, the first battle between the VC guerilla forces and the South Vietnamese Army in January 1963. Thence to My Tho, a centre of operations for US and Australian troops, to explore the Mekong Delta by boat to learn more about the US Brown Water Navy. On the way back we explore the incredible Cu Chi Tunnels system – a 200 km long tunnels used to hide and communicate during combat by the VC guerrilas during the Vietnam War. 
Overnight in Saigon.
Day 3: Saigon - Da Nang - Hoian
Take the morning flight to Danang. On arrival in Da Nang, the guide and the driver will pick you up from the airport then do a city tour of Da Nang covering 
The Zone 5 Military Museum which comprises four main sections: an outdoor display of large military equipment used in the Vietnam War; a military museum; a reproduction of Ho Chi Minh's house in Hanoi and a Ho Chi Minh Museum . Then continue to
 the China Beach - once famous as an R&R for U.S soldiers during the Vietnam war and the five sacred hills known as the Marble Mountains containing dozens of Buddhist shrines where you will get a panoramic view of the whole city. Then transfer to Hoi An. Overnight in Hoian.
Day 4: Hoian - Hue
Take a morning walking tour of Hoian ancient town, passing by many low tiled houses scattered along the small streets and assembly halls which reflect the town's multi-cultural past. Then we drive to Hue with a photostop at Red Beach where the Marines landing in March the 8th 1965 and drive over scenic Hai Van Pass; a view from the top of the pass is one of Vietnam’s most impressive panoramic scenes.
Overnight in Hue.
Day 5: Hue sightseeing / Hue Tet Offensive 1968
hue citadel
Hue citadel 1968

We do a walking tour around the New city of Hue to learn more about the urban fighting tactic where  the 1/5 and the 2/5 Marines fought house through the streets on the southern bank of Perfume to secure the MACV compound and then clean up the enemy in the the New city. We would start from the old MACV Compound then stroll down Tran Cao Van street, following the the footsteps of the 2/5 Marines for the Jeanne d'Arc High School, then down Le Loi street the Treasury building, Hue University, the Hospital, the Provincial Hadquaters Building and the Prison where 2000 VC cadres were released during the battle.
In the afternoon, take a dragon boat from LCU ramp site near Doc Lap park across Perfume river under the Nguyen Hoang Bridge which was blown up by NVA sappers on the 7th day of the battle. The boat ride will take you to the Old City where the Imperial Citadel is for a walking tour of the Imperial Citadel and other battle sites of the battle for the Citadel like the French-built Tay Loc Airfield where an ARVN " Black Panther " Reconnaisence company successfully defended from the overrun of the VC in the early hours of the battle, Dong Ba Gate, where the 1/5 Marines sufferred 6 killed and 50 wounded in two day fighting, and the last stop is  Mang Ca Garrison - ARVN 1st Divison Headquarter located at the north-east corner of the Citadel - one of the three targets that the VC was unable to overrun - before heading back to your hotel. Overnight in Hue.
Day 6: Hue - Khe Sanh - DMZ 
hien luong bridge
Vietnam DMZ in early 1960s

Early start for the full day tour of the former Demilitarized Zone ( DMZ ).  We will pass by a series of the old U.S Marines' military installations such as Camp Evans, Camp Carroll, Fuller, Razorback, Vandergrif, Shepherd....We have a brief stops at the Rockpile, an importan look-out & firebase of the Marines south of the DMZ, and at Dakrong bridge - the starting point one of the main branches of the legendry Ho Chi Minh Trail leading to the infamous Ashau Valley and the Hamburger Hill. Then, continue to Khe Sanh Combat Base - a large Marines base camp which was beseiged by a massive forces of the North Vietnamese Army in 77 days in early 1968. Drive back to the coast  for the former Demilitarized Zone ( the DMZ ) to visit the Freedom Bridge over the Ben Hai River - the former border crossing between North and South Vietnam. After this, we head to the coast for the last stop of the day - Vinh Moc Tunnels - an underground refuge of the fishing village of Vinh Moc during the Rolling Thunder bombing. Return to Hue. Overnight in Hue. 
End of the tour.

Vietnam War tours - Saigon to the DMZ
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