Join us for a journey through the history of Vietnam conflicts.


DMZ tour from Hue - Khe Sanh - Lang Vei tour.
khe sanh combat base
A view of Khe Sanh Combat Base today
This day tour covers the two famous battle sites of Vietnam War: Khe Sanh – the longest, bloodiest battle that changed the war in Vietnam, and Lang Vei – the first time The Comunist forces used armo unit against a U.S base camp in South Vietnam. If you are a big military history buff, this tour will give you a good insight into the history of battlefield of Vietnam, experiencing the terrain of Vietnam battlefield.

DMZ tour from Hue - Khe Sanh - Lang Vei tour

DMZ tour from Hue - Khe Sanh - Lang Vei tour
dmz map 1
Military map below the DMZ area

At 7.30 am we meet you up at your hotel and head north to Dong Ha, ( if we start the tour from Dong Ha, the departure time is 8.30am ) 
From Dong Ha head west along colonial route 9, passing by a series of the old U.S Marines' military installations including  Fuller, Razorback, Vandergrif, Shepherd....The first stop is Camp Carroll – the largest firebse of the Marines along route 9. Then the Rockpile, an importan observation post & firebase of the Marines south of the DMZ. We will view the old tactical area where the Marines fought in the famous operations Hastings and Prairie during 1966-1967. En-route, we have a brief visit to Dakrong bridge - the starting point of one of the main branches of the legendry Ho Chi Minh Trail leading to the infamous A Shau Valley and the Hamburger Hill. From the bridge, we can see the over view of nearby Shepherd firebase. 
khe sanh
Aerial view of Khe sanh combat base
Then, continue to Khe Sanh combat base - a large Forward Operating Base of the Marines, located at the north-west corner of South Vietnam which was beseiged by a massive forces of the North Vietnamese Army in early 1968, forcing the Marines abandoned it after the 77-day siege.
We will spend ample time strolling the base area, visiting the museum to learn more about the battle. We continue drving another 4 km northwest to the hill outposts outside the base camp including Hill 861, Hill 558, Hill 950.
lang vei
A collapsed bunker on Lang Vei hill

We have lunch break at a local restaurant at Khe Sanh town.
After lunch, we briefly visit the site of Old French Fort where a South Vietnamese Army company sent in from Quang Tri city to reinfroce the nearby Khe Sanh village was ambushed and wiped out. Then, continue to the site of Old Khe Sanh Village ( New French Fort ) – home to of Huong Hoa District Military Headquarters – which was defended by 15 U.S advisors and a company of local montagnard militia. On the night of 21 Januaray 1968, the NVA attacked the village, forcing the defenders to evacuate from the village. Then, we we drive another 7 km south-west for Lang Vei Special Forces Camp – the western-most base camp of the U.S along route 9, defended by 24 U.S advisors and some 450 local montagnard militias. On the night of 6 February 1968, the camp was under the attack of a NVA regiment backed by 12 amphibious PT-76 tanks. In couples of hours of fighting, the camp was overrun by tanks. This is the first time the NVA used amor in combat in South Vietnam.
We will stroll around Lang Vei hill, dgging up the camp vestiges.
Drive back to Hue. End of the tour.

DMZ tour from Hue - Khe Sanh - Lang Vei tour
                                                 Price: $140
The price quoted is for 1-2 person(s). First extra person: $40, further extra person: $30

Included features:
• Private transfer ( 7 seater SUV cars or 15 seater minivans )
• English speaking guide.
• Entrance fees for all sites.
Excluded features:
• Lunch
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