Join us for a journey through the history of Vietnam conflicts.


This two day tour covers the two famous battlegrounds of Vietnam War; Ashau valley and the DMZ where most of bloody actions of took place during the Vietnam War. This tour is designed for those who are interested in the military history of Vietnam conflict. We will walk on the ground that the Screaming Eagles charging up Hamburger Hill, follow the Marines holding out in the siege of Khe Sanh and  walk into the ground where the Vietnamese lived for years under Rolling Thunder bombing.

Day 1: Hue - Hamburger Hill - Khe Sanh
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Hue at 8.00am then, head out to the Ashau valley, one of the strategic focal points of the war in Vietnam. Located in western Hue city, the narrow 35 kilometer long valley was an arm of the Ho Chi Minh Trail funneling troops and supplies toward Hue and Danang. At the northern end of the valley was the major North Vietnamese Army (NVA) staging area known as Base Area 611. Because of its strategic location, the Ashau valley became a major battle ground from the earliest days of the U.S involvement in South Vietnam. We have 3 stops along the way to visit the important fire suport bases of the US Army the 101st Airborne Division including BirminghamBastogne and Vehgel.
After that, keep following a long route 547 to the valley. On arrival in the valley, have a coffee break at a commanding high ground in the Aluoi town where we can see the overrall view of the Hamburger Hill at the distance. Then head west towards the Hamburger Hill ( hill 937 or
Abia Mountain ) where the the last major battle between the U.S Army's 101st Airborne and the NVA troops in May 1969. The battle took place on Abia mountain or Hill 937, located in the rugged, jungle-shrouded mountains near the Laotian border. After 10 day brutal battle ( from May 10 to May 20 1969 ), the U.S 101st Airborne Division took the hill but abandoned it 3 weeks later Due to the severity of the fighting, Hill 937 was dubbed Hamburger Hill.
We spend 3 hour walking on the hill; taking photos at the peak, walking down the northwestern ridge where the Rakkasans came up and exploring a well hidden tunnel of the NVA on the hill. Then, walk down the hill and head north along route 548 through the scenic country to Khe Sanh town.
Overnight at Khe Sanh.
Day 2: Khe Sanh - the DMZ - Vinh Moc tunnel - Hue
8.00am start the day tour visiting the DMZ area. The first stop is Langvei Sepacial Forces Camp near the Laotian border which was attacked by the North Vietnamsese Army tanks for the first time. The major site of our trip today is Khe Sanh combat base - a large Marines base camp which was beseied by a massive forces of the North Vietnamese Army in 77 days in early 1968, where we will spend ample time exploring the base camp and learning about the history of the siege.
Then, head down route 9 to the coast. Stop enroute to visit the Rockpile ( or also known as Elliot combat base ) - an importan look-out and a  fire support base of the Marines south of the DMZ. We will view the old tactical area where the Marines fought in the famous operations
Hastings and Prairie during 1966-1967. After lunch in Dong Ha continue north to the former Demilitarized Zone ( the DMZ ) - the old de-facto border between North and South Vietnam for 18 years, where we will take a walk on the Freedom bridge across the Ben Hai river - the river that was the only true physical demarcation line between the two Vietnams. The last stop of the day is Vinh Moc tunnels - the refuge of some 300 north Vietnamese refugees during Rolling Thunder bombing operation. Then, head back to Hue. End of the trip.
Price: $320
The price quoted is for 1-2 person(s). First extra person: $80, further extra person: $50

Included features:
Private transfer ( 7 seater SUV cars or 15 seater minivans )
• English speaking guide.
• Entrance & permit fee for all sites.
• One night accommodation at Green hotel ( 2 star ) at Khe Sanh based on Double or Twin sharing.
• Dinner at Khe Sanh

Excluded features:
• Lunch

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