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I am a historian, tour operator and private guide based in Dong Ha, home to the former DMZ.  I run my own company Annam Tour full-time, specializing in tailor-made tours with a historical and cultural theme around the old DMZ, Central Vietnam’s World Heritage sites of Hue, Hoian, My Son, and Central Highlands.
Battlefield guiding in recent years has accounted for around half of my time, resulting in many tours, hence the wide spread of areas of expertise. Battlefield & DMZ tours are particularly special to me as they combine history ( asking what happened, why it happened then, there, and in that way ), people ( both empathy with those who fought, and immediate interaction with any questions from clients ), landscape, and travel - all great interests of mine. Where History and Location overlap is at the heart of the passion I get from history and explaining it to others. 
 I have had a lifelong interest in military history especially in the Vietnam War. My desire to understand the battlefield has never changed and the study of the battlefield and its context continued over the years. So after graduating with a Bachelor degree in History from the College of Science of Hue in 1999, I am able to translate that passion into the battlefield & DMZ tours. I worked as the guide on the battlefield & DMZ tours for a state – owned travel agent in Dong Ha until I set up Annam Tour in 2007. This allows me to teach 'in the field', to take my study of history forward, and to meet a fascinating and varied mix of people. 
My tours range from individuals and family–sized private parties to small groups in vans. Clients have included the groups as diverse as military staff officers and students, as well as special tours for individuals . References pay tribute to my relaxed but authoritative style, the high level of organization of tours, and my ability to personalize a tour and make the complexities of war understandable to audiences with very varying degrees of pre–existing knowledge.